Home market
By right of top-ranking quantity, perfect products, first-class service and strong technical support, we construct ¡°benefit community¡± cooperation system to attract more excellent franchiser to join in us to develop home market.
  International market
Lideli export high-quality goods to international market with it¡¯s international testing standard and consummate machining technique which formed a perfect export sales system. Our goods attracted many excellent merchants all over the world. Nowadays, we ship our parts to Europe, East Europe, North & South America, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Asia as well as different province in China which gained high estimate¡£

  Sale terms
It¡¯s no doubt that the loading is conscientious from the buyer, risk is conceited. All loading should be completed by the most economical transport means .unless the customer has additional indication. The seller is not responsible for the lost of late delivery mangles during the transporting period, the buyer have to handle with pertinent items involved shipping company or indemnity.

Delivery: Delivery time is the similar time, this time have not considered the unforeseeable event; Disregarding the cause of delay in delivery. It doesn¡¯t compose the reason asking for a counterclaim; We reserve the partial shipment right.

Guarantee: We guarantee our products for 12 months under the premise that all parts are good in appearance and function but buyer should let us know with 30days from the parts arrived the destination port. Kickbacks caused by user¡¯s neglect ,wrong operation or deregulation, we won¡¯t undertake any direct or indirect responsibility. And also including the consequences caused by the natural move and operate of the machine. Buyers should pay the ship fee of mending products or parts change. The size and the weight of the machine will be remarked in the packing list. At the same time ,we reserve the rights to amend.

The quantity disagreement: If there is any disagreement about the quality, buyer should let us know within 15 days from the day the parts arrived the destination port. As to the loss caused by the slip of insurance agent, shipping company or other transportation agent during the transportation, seller won¡¯t undertake the responsibility.

Arbitrate: Any disputation caused by the contract or relevant to the contract should be solved friendly via negotiation. If failed, it should be solved by Chinese international economy trade Juridical Commission, to apply according to the committee applies for an arbitration, and accord with Chinese law.

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